Definition : Abstention - Co-owner

The act, by a co-owner or his mandatary, not to participate in a vote, by voting neither for nor against during a general meeting of the co-owners. 

 WARNING! In the calculation the majorities set out in the Civil Code of Québec, abstentions must be counted as votes against during a vote. 

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 The resolutions of the General Meeting of the co-owners require complex calculations in order to determine whether a the required majority has been reached. To do so, you must make sure that the register of co-owners is up to date, and that the compilation of votes is done according to the relative value specific to each fraction. This reduces the risk of contestation of an adopted resolution. That said, some decisions have extremely important consequences for all co-owners so the requirements in terms of majorities are then higher. For this reason, the law imposes three levels of majority: absolute, enhanced and double majority, depending on the importance of the decision to be taken.
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