Definition : Co-owner - Undivided co-owner of a fraction

An individual or a legal person owning a fraction jointly with one or several other co-owners (for example: an apartment). The shares of the co-owners are presumed equal. Generally, this presumption should apply failing a provision specifying the ownership share of the property in the deed of sale.

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Article 1090 of the Civil Code of Québec states that "Each co-owner is entitled, at the General Meeting, to a number of votes proportionate to the relative value of his fraction." This number of votes is related to his share of the rights of ownership held in the immovable. Thus, the co-owner of a private portion whose relative value is greater than another will have the deciding vote. In return, he  will contribute to a greater portion  of the costs associated with the preservation, maintenance and administration of the  immovable  given that common expenses are allocated between all co-owners according to the relative value of their fraction.
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Je ne comprends pas comment fonctionne mon droit de vote aux assemblées de copropriétaires. En effet, je ne suis pas le propriétaire unique de mon unité : ma conjointe et moi sommes tous les deux sur le titre de propriété, nous sommes indivisaires à parts égales (50%-50%). J'ai l'impression que si je vais à l'assemblée et que ma conjointe n'y va pas, je ne serais pas capable de voter valablement. Est-ce correct?
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