Definition : Common portion - Deed of sale

Contract by which the syndicate of co-owners (seller) transfers the ownership of a common portion to another person (purchaser) in return for a price paid in cash  that the latter undertakes to pay. The sale can only affect one element of the common portions  (for example: a part of the back yard of the immovable) because without common portions, a divided co-ownership cannot exist. In addition, such a sale usually involves the creation of one or more new lots, so that the element sold is individualized.

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Question: During our last general meeting of co-owners, the president of the board of directors suggested to sell a parcel of land located in the backyard of our immovable. According to him, the amount that we could receive would allow to replenish the contingency fund. Can you tell me if that is possible? If this is the case, I would like to know who has the authority to make this decision.
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The resolutions of the General Meeting of the co-owners are adopted or rejected, as the case may be, if a majority is reached or not. Depending on the repercussions such resolutions may have on the co-ownership, the majority required will be more or less difficult to achieve. The General Meeting of the co-owners adjudicates at two different majority levels: absolute majority and double majorities (enhanced majorities).
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