Definition : Common portion - Improvement works

Work that goes beyond the mere restoration of the common portions of the immovable. It provides the immovable with a benefit that it did not previously enjoy. This is the case, for example, with work intended to modernize the immovable and providing it with elements of additional comfort. This work must:

• be authorized by the general meeting by the double majority of article 1097 of the Civil Code of Québec;

• be compatible with the destination of the immovable;

• not affect the rights of the co-owners in their private portions.

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21 Mars 2018 - Le Regroupement des gestionnaires et copropriétaires du Québec vous propose une formation (plus poussée que les Speed-Condos) sur un sujet très connu dans une copropriété : la gestion des travaux ! 
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Lorsqu’il convient de procéder à des travaux touchant aux parties communes, c’est le syndicat qui en décide. De plus il est, en principe, le seul habilité à faire réaliser les travaux portant sur les parties communes.
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The resolutions of the General Meeting of the co-owners are adopted or rejected, as the case may be, if a majority is reached or not. Depending on the repercussions such resolutions may have on the co-ownership, the majority required will be more or less difficult to achieve. The General Meeting of the co-owners adjudicates at two different majority levels: absolute majority and double majorities (enhanced majorities).
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