Definition : Condo manager - Resident Manager (Salaried manager)

Natural person, generally an employee of the syndicate of co-owners, who as the task (as a salaried employee) to manage the co-ownership on a day to day basis. 

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  A contract usually has a term. This is the case with regard to the contractual relationship between the syndicate and its condo manager. It may last for years or end quickly. Some co-ownerships are loyal to their manager, while others change their allegiance or no longer want his services. That being said, there are several reasons for the termination of the contractual relationship such as:  
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Every syndicate of co-owners should retain the services of a condo manager, to assist the board of directors carrying out its duties. As the needs of a co-ownership are multiple and complex he needs to be the one man band of the co-ownership and assume enormous responsibilities. This being said, there are three management modes associated with this function, namely: resident-managers (autonomous management), employees (self-management) and contractors (external manager). A review of the various missions that may be entrusted to them.  
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