Definition : Declaration of co-ownership - Concomitant declaration of co-ownership

Notarial deed, published in the land register, the main purpose of which is to subject an immovable to the divided co-ownership regime by the method of concomitant declarations of co-ownership. The declaration of co-ownership is published on one of the private portions of the initial co-ownership. The co-ownership resulting from this declaration of co-ownership is legally independent of the other concomitant co-ownerships, both in the management and the maintenance of its building, while being included in the initial co-ownership. This type of co-ownership can be vertical (residential tower) or horizontal (townhouse complex).

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La copropriété par phases permet au promoteur d’étaler la conception d’un projet immobilier sur plusieurs années, et de moduler le rythme des travaux de construction selon l’évolution des ventes d’unités. Cette formule implique que le promoteur, plutôt que d’établir une fois pour toutes la copropriété qu’il veut créer, procède par étapes.
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The intervention of the notary is very important when purchasing an apartment in a divided co-ownership. A professional, member of the “Chambre des notaires du Québec” (Québec Chamber of Notaries), he is also a public officer. As such, the notary has without limitation the mission of executing deeds to which the parties wish or are required to endow with authenticity (such as  a declaration of co-ownership). Even though it is preferable that he should get involved at the outset of a transaction, this legal adviser usually gets involved  after the signing of the offer to purchase or of the preliminary contract. The notary, in his capacity of public officer: Warrants the validity of the deed of sale; Is bound to act objectively and to give legal advice to all the parties (equally to the purchaser and the vendor); Is bound to a duty of information to the parties, which means he should give the parties relevant advice and information in relation with the deeds signed before him.
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