Definition : Declaration of co-ownership - Description of the fractions

The third part of the declaration of co-ownership intended to enunciate the cadastral description of the common and private portions of a co-ownership and the description of the real rights attached to the immovable (for example, a servitude of right of way).

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  The declaration of co-ownership is a convention that organizes and regulates the collective life of the co-owners and occupants of the building. This Convention defines in particular their rights and obligations. It is usually developed unilaterally by the developer or owner of the building. Legally, the declaration of co-ownership is a real contract of adhesion, because any new co-owner is obliged to adhere to it. This is a key legal document. Its publication gives rise to the co-ownership and the syndicate. Look at the different aspects of the declaration of co-ownership.  
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  The declaration of co-ownership includes all the rules ensuring the efficient management of a co-ownership. It also specifies the conditions of use and enjoyment of the private and common portions.
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