Definition : Declaration of co-ownership - Penal clause

Clause of the declaration of co-ownership which fixes in advance the monetary sanction (a fine) the syndicate may claim from a co-owner following the occurrence of a contravention of one of its provisions. However, the amount of the penalty may be reduced by the court if the clause is determined to be abusive.

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Even though a co-owner is at home in his apartment, its use should be in accordance with the prescriptions of the declaration of co-ownership. This document may contain provisions prohibiting any activities other than residential ones in the immovable. To ensure the welfare of its residents, it may be necessary for the syndicate to impose sanctions to co-owners or tenants who disregard the by-laws of the immovable. It may even, on occasion, petition the court to assert the rights of all co-owners.
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June 5, 2015 - A resounding judgment was handed down on June 4, 2015 by Judge Danielle Turcotte, Superior Court judge, on the vote required in a co-ownership to adopt a penal clause. What is a penal clause? A penal clause is a provision allowing the syndicate to impose to a co-owner penalties or fines if he fails to comply with co-ownership rules. This is a penalty of a pecuniary nature: a sum of money is claimed from the defaulting co-owner. The penal clause must be sufficiently detailed for its application to be simple.
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