Definition : Defect - Defect in workmanship

A defect in a construction caused by the failure to respect the rules of the trade or the applicable standards. For example, a new window, even though of the right size, which leaks.

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  September 21, 2016 – on August 19, 2016, an interesting decision has been rendered by the Court of Québec (Honorable Pierre A. Gagnon, j.c.q.). It retains the liability of a contractor  holding of a license from the Régie du bâtiment du Québec(Quebec Building Board) and operating since 1998, and condemned  him to pay damages including damages to compensate the moral prejudice suffered by his  clients, based on Charter of human rights and freedoms. Here are the facts.
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I am the co-owner of a new condo. Other owners and I have recently discovered cracks in the foundation of the building, as well as water infiltration in the garage. The promoter is mute, and we have not yet transferred the administration. Question: Should we refuse to elect our first Board of Directors, until the issues identified have been corrected? And should I sell immediately before other major problems arise?
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Just like any other natural or legal person, a syndicate of co-ownership may be held civilly liable towards third parties, including co-owners.
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The duties and obligations of a syndicate are determined by law and the declaration of co-ownership. However, it is essential to fully understand those duties and obligations as their non-compliance towards a co-owner or another person could engage the civil responsibility of a syndicate. Those duties and obligations are mainly aimed to ensure the preservation of the immovable, the administration of the common portions and the protection of the rights affecting the immovable or co-ownership, as well as all operations in the common interest.
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