Definition : Developer - Loss of control by the developer

The situation of the developer who no longer holds the majority of the votes at the meeting of the co-owners.

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Nous venons d’effectuer la première assemblée des copropriétaires pour élire le nouveau conseil d’administration remplaçant ainsi le promoteur, qui a ainsi perdu le contrôle de l’immeuble. Mais ce dernier n’a rendu aucun compte sur son administration depuis la construction de l’immeuble ! Quels droits avons-nous à son encontre?
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Expenses related to the maintenance and administration of the common portions of a co-ownerships start from its constitution as a legal person. It is therefore necessary that each co-ownership sets up, upon publication of the declaration of co-ownership, a Board of Directors to administer it. To ensure the star up of the syndicate, the developer usually designates in the declaration of co-ownership (by-laws of the immovable), one of its representatives to act as the provisional administrator of the syndicate.
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