Definition : Director - Liability of the directors

The fact, for a director, of having to answer for his or her actions and decisions in the framework of the management of the business of the syndicate of co-owners.

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I have been a director for a few days. Question: Do I have the obligation to personally take out liability insurance?
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The presence of a Board of Directors is mandatory in a co-ownership. It is the executive body of the syndicate and its legal representative. Its members act as the mandataries of the syndicate.
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The civil liability of a director for the tasks incumbent upon him is largely unrecognised. It should be noted that failure to act with prudence, diligence, honesty and loyalty in the performance of his duties may engage his personal liability. A director must always keep in mind the interest of the co-owners' community. Thousands of Quebecers who sit on an annual basis on a Board of Directors, such as yourself perhaps, are unaware of this reality.
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