Definition : Insurance - Civil liability

Legal obligation for a natural person or legal person to repair the damage caused to a third party resulting from his failure to comply with:

The extracontractual liability of a person may be caused by his or her act or by the persons to whom he or she is liable or by the things of which he is entrusted with the custody.

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  Even though some short-term residential rental websites offer insurance for that type of leasing, the fact that you are renting your apartment to tourists, remains essential information to be communicated to both your home insurer and your syndicate insurer. This will avoid horror stories on the occasion of a loss.
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Directors have a very important role in a co-ownership. They are the mandataries of the syndicate of co-owners and as such oversee the day to day operation of the immovable. It is therefore essential to possess a thorough knowledge of the tasks of this function. In the exercise of their duties the directors must act with care, diligence, loyalty and honesty, and always keep in mind the best interests of the group of co-owners.
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Like any moral or physical person, a syndicate of co-ownership may engage its civil liability. The Law and the vast majority of declarations of co-ownership require that every syndicate subscribe insurance covering its civil liability towards third parties.
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