Definition : Insurance - Deductible

Predetermined amount in the insurance policy which must be deducted from the amount of the indemnity paid out by the insurer following a loss and which must be supported by the insured.

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An inescapable clause in most insurance policies, the deductible is an amount an insurer subtracts from the indemnities. The insured, in this case your syndicate of co-ownership, must then assume a portion of the cost of the building's repairs , from its working capital , or by the means of a special assessment (working capital call).
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Question: My front door must be replaced after a break-in. Am I responsible for paying the deductible (franchise) that the insurer of the syndicate refuses to pay?
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Question: I am a co-owner. Can the syndicate of co-owners claim the amount of the deductible for the insurance if I am responsible for the water damage?
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