Definition : Insurance - Liability insurance of the General Meeting Officers

Insurance intended to cover the General Meeting Officers of the syndicate in relation with the consequences of their liability, more particularly in relation with damages suffered by the co-owners as a consequence of faults committed in the execution of their duties. It is usually subscribed by the syndicate and the premiums appurtenant thereto are common expenses.


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  The appointment of meeting officers is necessary to hold a general meeting of co-owners.The range of their titles and functions are without limitation:  president, vice-president, secretary and scrutineer of the general meeting. However, the civil liability of a general meeting officer with regard to the tasks incumbent upon him is largely unknown. Yet many Quebeckers accept this charge, while not being aware of this reality.  
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An inescapable clause in most insurance policies, the deductible is an amount an insurer subtracts from the indemnities. The insured, in this case your syndicate of co-ownership, must then assume a portion of the cost of the building's repairs , from its working capital , or by the means of a special assessment (working capital call).
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