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The additional premium is a premium that is added to the existing premium. It results from a worsening of the risk or from the assumption of a new risk. This additional premium may be imposed during the course of a contract or upon its renewal. Risks are analyzed according to scales that are specific to each insurer. Ultimately, the syndicate will pay this additional premium, which will be charged to all of the co-owners through the common expenses (condo fees) or, at times, some of them.
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 A water leak? You are overreacting, we are not going to call the insurer for such a trivial matter!... Question: I am a victim or responsible of water damage. What should I do?
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Il vient d’y avoir un dégât d’eau dans ma partie privative. Que dois-je faire : appeler mon assureur, mon plombier ou mon avocat?
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