Definition : Lessee (Tenant) - Lease for a lifetime

A residential lease signed before the authorization to convert a rental building into divided co-ownership has been granted by the Rental Board (Régie du logement). In such cases, the lessor's right of repossession of the dwelling cannot be exercised against the lessee, unless the latter is the assignee of the lease and the assignment occurred after the sending of the notice, or unless he became a lessee after the authorization to convert has been granted by the Board (Régie).

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The purchase of a condo leased to a third party is a frequent occurrence in the resale market. Save for an agreement to the contrary, nothing prohibits a co-owner lessor from selling and a purchaser of purchasing an apartment even though the tenant wishes to continue to reside in it. The lease is attached to the immovable, not to the co-owner/ lessor. The lease will continue to be in force even if the unit is sold and the terms and conditions of the lease shall remain the same.
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March 30, 2010- You wish to buy a condo to live closer to your daughter. Eureka, you learn that a unit is for sale in your daughter’s building. The said unit is leased. During your visit of the premises, the tenants inform you that they do not intend to leave since they have the right to remain in the apartment "for a lifetime".
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