Definition : Lessee - Resiliation of lease

The action by which a lease ceases to be in force  for the remainder of its term.

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Even though a co-owner is at home in his apartment, its use should be in accordance with the prescriptions of the declaration of co-ownership. This document may contain provisions prohibiting any activities other than residential ones in the immovable. To ensure the welfare of its residents, it may be necessary for the syndicate to impose sanctions to co-owners or tenants who disregard the by-laws of the immovable. It may even, on occasion, petition the court to assert the rights of all co-owners.
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La déclaration de copropriété doit être respectée par tous les copropriétaires. Quiconque ne la respecte pas s’expose à un recours judiciaire fondé sur l’article 1080 du Code civil du Québec (C.c.Q.) et pouvant être intenté soit par un copropriétaire soit par le syndicat.
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