Definition : Meeting of co-owners - Adjournment

The action by which the general meeting of the co-owners ends a session or adjourns it to a later date in the event the quorum is not reached. Furthermore, the general meeting at which there is no longer quorum shall be adjourned if a co-owner requests it. The items on the agenda which have not been dealt with are the adjourned to future date. In such cases, a notice must be given to all the co-owners concerning the date on which it is postponed. This second meeting will then be called the make-up general meeting.

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The General Meeting of the co-owners is one of the two decision-making bodies of the syndicate.  You should be aware that co-ownership life implies that the co-owners or their representatives meet, occasionally, to discuss and vote upon important decisions. This occurs at General Meetings of the co-owners, which is the prime democratic body in the co-ownership. Their conduct obeys certain rules of form and content. An overview of the various specific aspects of  General Meetings of the co-owners.    
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Whatever building chosen, all co-owners, without exception, are expected to participate to the General Meetings of co-owners. Thus they can vote on the questions on the agenda, and take various decisions necessary for the sound operation of the co-ownership. These General Meetings will vary according to circumstances. This factsheet is an overview of the various types of General Meetings that may be held in a co-ownership:
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