Definition : Noise - Nighttime racket

Any noise susceptible of disturbing the peaceful enjoyment of the co-owners or occupants of the immovable between the sunset and sunrise.

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February 27, 2017 - Noise is a common nuisance in co-ownership. It is an extremely sensitive issue, to the extent that many declarations of co-ownership provide stringent by-laws in this area, particularly within multi-floor buildings. Managing noise issues is a necessity for any Board of Directors and co-owner. This task is however difficult, since what constitutes a nuisance is both objective and subjective. With this in mind, to eradicate harmful noise, the first step is to find its source. We have identified three major causes.
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Les bruits intempestifs sont l'ennemi numéro un en copropriété. Cette vidéo informe les copropriétaires sur la façon de gérer ces bruits, afin de retrouver une existence normale dans un immeuble.    
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