Definition : Private portion - Dimension

Calculation of the superficial area or  the volume (length, width, height ,depth)of a private portion. This element is taken into account in the determination of the relative value of each fraction.

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February 9th, 2015 – In many instances, a condo is bought before ground breaking. In fact, many buyers purchase their condo on the basis of documents supplied by the developer (“preliminary contract”) and of the plans shown to them. In essence, they purchase “on plan” and on the basis of the information notice supplied when the project provides for at least 10 residential units.
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The vendor has the obligation to reveal the exact superficial area of its private portion. The superficial area/price ratio is an important criteria for many buyers. It has a major influence on their decision to purchase Off plan sale The calculation of the superficial area of an apartment may lead to a conflict if,  in an off plan sale, the gross area shown on the architectural plan is the information used for the transaction. Thus, you should insist that the developer supplies a detailed plan of the apartment to be built, along with the method used to determine the superficial areas.
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