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The main objective of technical real estate management is the preservation of common portions. It implies that any syndicate of co-owners has a primary duty to insure that the necessary work is carried out, over time, to avoid the deterioration of common portions. To perform these tasks correctly, it is essential that the syndicate set up a maintenance logbook, an asset management plan and a certificate of the state of the immovable. Assuming the manager is qualified to take charge of this essential mission for the sound management of any co-ownership, he plays a leading role in planning and supervising the necessary work to maintain the building and its equipment in a good state of repair. Relying on his background, skills and experience, he should be able to insure the immovable technical maintenance and monitoring, two activities predicated upon being present at the building to supervise the necessary work. He may also negotiate contracts, prices and the products and services’ specifications. A review of the many tasks that can be entrusted to the co-ownership manager.
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