Definition : Abuse of right

Excessive use of a right, resulting in the infringement of the rights of others, while disregarding the requirements of good faith.

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9 avril 2019 — Les frais de condo en souffrance peuvent entraîner un imbroglio juridique duquel personne ne ressort gagnant. C’est ce qui est arrivé à un couple de copropriétaires qui, après avoir fait défaut de payer ses frais de condo, a dû faire face à la publication, par son syndicat de copropriétaires, d’une hypothèque légale contre l’unité qu’il a achetée en 2013. Il en a résulté un procès opposant les deux parties.
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April 18, 2017 - To answer the question of whether you are a victim of intimidation or not, you need to know what constitutes intimidation. Indeed, in co-ownerships and throughout our interactions with others in society, we can experience conflictual situations that are not necessarily intimidation. Day-to-day co-ownership life, in particular, can lead to many conflictual situations: disagreements between co-owners and directors about a board decision or on work to be carried out; on budgets; on the interpretation of a provision of the declaration of co-ownership or of a by-law; on the obligation of one or another to act when confronted to a problematic situation, etc.
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  I live in a co-ownership where there are a few smokers, one of which is located directly below me. His smoke migrates into my apartment. I am worried of its effects on my health in the medium and long terms, as well as that of my spouse and those of my two children. Question: Can our syndicate compel these smokers to install an air freshener in their apartment?
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The civil liability of a director for the tasks incumbent upon him is largely unrecognised. It should be noted that failure to act with prudence, diligence, honesty and loyalty in the performance of his duties may engage his personal liability. A director must always keep in mind the interest of the co-owners' community. Thousands of Quebecers who sit on an annual basis on a Board of Directors, such as yourself perhaps, are unaware of this reality.
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