Definition : Architect

Professional, member of the Quebec order of architects, whose practice consists essentially of designing architectural plans and specifications for the construction, enlargement, reconstruction, renovation or alteration of a building. The architect's intervention is mandatory for the design of plans and specifications for a building comprising more than four dwellings or more than two stories or more than 300 square meters of gross floor area. (Note that the basement is not deemed to be a story and is not computed in the floor area). The architect may also be responsible for supervising its construction or renovation.


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Architecte depuis 24 ans, M. Fallah a fait ses études à l'Université Laval de Québec pour l'obtention de son diplôme. Il est membre de l'Ordre des Architectes du Québec (OAQ) depuis 1989.
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I am the co-owner of a new condo. Other owners and I have recently discovered cracks in the foundation of the building, as well as water infiltration in the garage. The promoter is mute, and we have not yet transferred the administration. Question: Should we refuse to elect our first Board of Directors, until the issues identified have been corrected? And should I sell immediately before other major problems arise?
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