Definition : Asset Management Plan

Document defining the issues and objectives set by the Board of Directors for:

It includes the contingency fund survey, the maintenance log, the certificate of the condition of the immovable. This document is an integral part of the register of co-ownership and shall be made available to any co-owner upon request.

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An indispensable co-ownership document, the maintenance and management logbook is in essence a register tracing the building history, as well as a register of all the operations already carried out or forthcoming thereon. Even though not mandatory, it increases a co-ownership’s resale market attractiveness. In addition, the directors, by availing themselves of such a logbook, demonstrate their concern for good governance and sound management.
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Le plan de gestion d’actifs décrit et chiffre les mesures prises par le conseil d’administration relativement au fonds de prévoyance, afin d’assurer la conservation et l’entretien du patrimoine immobilier. Ce plan définit le scénario d’intervention visant à maintenir l’actif, quantifie le coût de sa mise en œuvre et établit la stratégie de financement. Il précise donc : Le niveau d’entretien; Les correctifs à apporter à l’immeuble; L’estimation du montant du fonds de prévoyance et de l’entretien; Le scénario choisi par le conseil d’administration.
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The law provides that a syndicate must keep a register at the disposal of the co-owners. The majority of  declarations of co-ownership detail the items  it contains. This register is the memory of the syndicate, and consequently, its archives. In is thus invaluable. Much more than a witness to the sound management of an immovable, it is its prime instrument. Therefore, preservation and access are the hallmarks of this register.
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