Definition : Day to day administration

Action of managing the immovable on a current basis by carrying out certain tasks necessary for its preservation, as well as those useful to maintain the use for which it is normally intended, as well as the acts that contribute to the regular operation of the co-ownership. In particular, the following are considered to be acts of day-to-day administration: the collection of common expenses, communications with the co-owners, monitoring the work of a contractor on the common portions, hiring a contractor to execute minor work, sending a notice to the co-owners, reporting on the object of a legal recourse against the syndicate. Article 1085 of the Civil Code of Québec provides that: The day to day administration of the syndicate may be entrusted to a manager chosen or not, among the co-owners.

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Il incombe au conseil d’administration de procéder à l’administration de la copropriété tant sur les plans administratif, financier et technique. Pour mener à bien sa mission, le Code civil du Québec permet que l’administration courante du syndicat puisse être confiée à un gérant (gestionnaire), choisi ou non parmi les copropriétaires.
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Administrative, maintenance, replacement, improvement or alteration expenses of the common portions are divided among the co-owners. General common expenses are to be distinguished from special common expenses, which are allocated under different rules. In the first case, it is the relative value of each private portion that is used to establish the co-owners contribution. As for special common expenses arising from common portions for restricted use, the co-owners using them are alone responsible of the expenses resulting therefrom.
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