Definition : Description of the fractions

The third part of the declaration of co-ownership for the purpose of describing the cadastral description of the common and private portions of a co-ownership and the description of the real rights attached to the immovable (for example, a servitude of right of way). 

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When you purchase an apartment in an immovable held in divided co-ownership, you become the owner of your dwelling (private portion), but also the owner of an undivided portion of the immovable designated as common portion (for example: the ground, balconies, major components such as foundations and main walls). This, taken as a whole, including the common and private portion, is designated in legalese as: a fraction. The fractions may contain one or more private portions. They are described in the declaration of co-ownership in the Section entitled the Description of the fractions, and they are physically identifiable. They may include an apartment, but also a parking space or a parcel of land (for example in townhouses or semi-detached homes).
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