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February 27, 2017 - Noise is a common nuisance in co-ownership. It is an extremely sensitive issue, to the extent that many declarations of co-ownership provide stringent by-laws in this area, particularly within multi-floor buildings. Managing noise issues is a necessity for any Board of Directors and co-owner. This task is however difficult, since what constitutes a nuisance is both objective and subjective. With this in mind, to eradicate harmful noise, the first step is to find its source. We have identified three major causes.
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The apartments of a co-ownership must be adequately sound proofed; otherwise, discord will be on the menu of the community of co-owners. Quite simply, appropriate soundproofing should be on top of your shopping list.
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Neighbourhood annoyances are the main source of conflicts between co-owners.
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Les copropriétaires de l’appartement situé au-dessus du mien me causent bien des tracas : aboiements d'animaux, musique trop forte, etc. Ma voisine a le même problème avec ses voisins du dessus qui viennent de changer le revêtement de leur sol pour un plancher de bois franc! Nous sommes constamment troublés dans notre quiétude par des bruits excessifs et une insonorisation insuffisante de l'immeuble. Quels recours avons-nous face à ce manque d'isolation acoustique?
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