Definition : Legal hypothec

Security given by operation of law.

There are 4 different types of legal hypothecs:

1. Legal hypothec of the state: For claims of  the State for sums due under fiscal  laws, as well as certain other claims of the State or of legal persons established  in the public interest , specially provided for in specifics acts  ;

2. Legal Hypothec of construction: For sums due to persons (architect, engineer, and supplier of material, worker, contractor or subcontractor) having taken part in the construction of a building or the renovation of an immovable;

3. Legal hypothec of the syndicate of co-owners: For the sums due by a co-owner in default of paying to the syndicate of co-owners his share of the common expenses or his contributions to the contingency fund for more than 30 days.

4. Legal hypothec resulting from a judgment: For sums due under a judgment .

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