Definition : Legal proceeding

A procedure whereby, a natural or legal person makes an application to the courts to obtain the enforcement or recognition of their rights or the protection of their legitimate interests. Various legal remedies may be exercised in the domain of divided co-ownership. Thus, a co-owner can ask the court, under certain conditions, to annul a decision of the general meeting. In such cases, the co-owner will be the plaintiff in the court proceedings and the syndicate will be the defendant. Remember that the parties must consider opting for the private dispute prevention and resolution process before instigating legal proceedings.

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Au même titre que toute autre personne physique ou morale, un syndicat de copropriété est susceptible d’engager sa responsabilité civile envers les tiers, incluant les copropriétaires de l’immeuble. Cette possibilité concerne aussi pécuniairement l’ensemble des copropriétaires puisqu’un jugement condamnant le syndicat à payer une somme d'argent est exécutoire contre lui et contre tous les copropriétaires qui l’étaient au moment où la cause d'action a pris naissance, proportionnellement à la valeur relative de leur fraction.
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The law provides that a syndicate must keep a register at the disposal of the co-owners. In most cases the declarations of co-ownership list the items it contains. This register is the memory of the syndicate, and consequently, its archives. In is thus invaluable. Much more than a mere witness of the sound management of an immovable, it is its prime instrument. Therefore, preservation and access are the hallmarks of this register.
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