Definition : Lessee

A person who holds, under the terms and conditions of a lease contract, the right to use a private portion (for example, an apartment or a parking space ) and other rights of use attached thereto (for example, the swimming pool or the parking) in exchange for the payment of an amount of money, the rent.

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  The declaration of co-ownership is binding upon the co-owners and, in principle, on the occupants and tenants of the immovable. It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to enforce its content. By failing to do so, the members of the Board may, in some cases, be held liable toward the co-owners.
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Even though a co-owner is at home in his apartment, its use should be in accordance with the prescriptions of the declaration of co-ownership. This document may contain provisions prohibiting any activities other than residential ones in the immovable. To ensure the welfare of its residents, it may be necessary for the syndicate to impose sanctions to co-owners or tenants who disregard the by-laws of the immovable. It may even, on occasion, petition the court to assert the rights of all co-owners.
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Je suis copropriétaire-locateur et je loue mon unité de condo à un couple depuis 1 an. Ils ne m'ont pas payé les deux derniers loyers. Que dois-je faire : envoyer une mise en demeure, appeler un avocat? Quelle instance est compétente pour entendre les litiges entre copropriétaire et locataire?
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The law provides that a syndicate must keep a register at the disposal of the co-owners. The majority of  declarations of co-ownership detail the items  it contains. This register is the memory of the syndicate, and consequently, its archives. In is thus invaluable. Much more than a witness to the sound management of an immovable, it is its prime instrument. Therefore, preservation and access are the hallmarks of this register.
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