Definition : Operating fund

Financial resources available to a syndicate of co-owners to face the day to day expenses, as they fall due. It represents the ability to meet short-term financial obligations. In mathematical terms, the working capital is calculated as follows: Current assets - Current liabilities = Working capital. The syndicat is able to pay its bills as long as the working capital is positive.

 WARNING ! The working capital should not be confused with the concept of funds established by the fund basis of accounting.

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November 1st 2016 - A condominium syndicate has the obligation to report its operations using the fund basis of accounting. The article 1071 of the Civil Code of Quebec imposes indeed the creation of a contingency fund. Every condominium has to set up accounts distinguishing the general fund for common operations, sometimes called the administration funds, and the contingency funds.
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An inescapable clause in most insurance policies, the deductible is an amount an insurer subtracts from the indemnities. The insured, in this case your syndicate of co-ownership, must then assume a portion of the cost of the building's repairs , from its working capital , or by the means of a special assessment (working capital call).
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