Definition : Prior-contract

Agreement by which the parties agree on the rules under which they subsequently intend to make a commitment. The offer to purchase and the preliminary contract constitute a prior-contract to the deed of sale, the latter deed  to be signed so that it can be confirmed that the right of ownership has been transferred from the vendor to the purchaser.

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Question : Lors de l’achat de mon condo, suis-je en droit d’exiger de mon vendeur une copie certifiée conforme  (copie authentique) de la déclaration de copropriété?
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The sale of a residential immovable to a physical person who buys it to live in it, irrespective that it is already built or to be built by a builder or developer, must necessarily (it is required by Law) be preceded by a preliminary contract.
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  You have found the apartment of your dreams. At last, you will buy the property  you have coveted. But before signing the offer to purchase, nagging doubts are in the back of your mind, you have many questions:
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After reaching an agreement on the conditions of sale with a builder or developer, you will be asked to sign a preliminary contract.
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