Definition : Private portion

A portion of an immovable (for example, an apartment, a parking space and sometimes land) which is owned in full ownership by a specific co-owner and of which he has the exclusive use. The declaration of co-ownership (description of the fractions) determines what is private.

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The essence of divided co-ownership (condo) is to divide the building into private portions for the exclusive use of a co-owner, and into common portions for the common use of all the co-owners or of one or more co-owners. Private portions The private portions are the fractions of the immovable in which the co-owners have an exclusive right of property.  They are described in the part of the declaration of co-ownership dedicated to the cadastral description of the fractions.  These portions are physically identifiable.  It can be an apartment, a parking space or a parcel of land in the case of townhouses.  Each private portion has its own cadastral designation.
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