Definition : Proxy (Power of attorney)

Document signed by a co-owner (mandator) designating another co-owner or a third party (mandatory) to represent and act in its name at the meeting of co-owners. Take note that one must distinguish a general proxy (the mandatory acts as he see fits) from the specific proxy (the mandator gives specific voting instructions).


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September 29, 2017 – Proxies, coveted by many when a decisive co-ownership vote is foreseen, are a formidable tool during general meetings. Their validity of is often challenged, along with many attempts to render them ineffective. What should you know?
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Every co-owner should participate to all general meetings to ensure the general meeting can reach a quorum and therefore deliberate and take decisions. If you are unable to attend, or if you do not wish to participate, it is better to appoint a mandatary. He may thus represent you at the general meeting, by the means of a proxy you will give him. Remember that a proxy represents the ideal compromise to exercise your voting right.
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