Definition : Purchase

The operation by which an natural person or a legal person -the purchaser- acquires from another natural person or legal person -the vendor- the ownership of property or of a right in consideration of a monetary contribution.

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Question : Lors de l’achat de mon condo, suis-je en droit d’exiger de mon vendeur une copie certifiée conforme  (copie authentique) de la déclaration de copropriété?
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The purchase of a condo gives you easier access to property, on account of lower costs compared to a single family home. Young couples and tenants take advantage of this formula. An increasing number of them opt for condo life, which allows them at last to become owners.
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Before purchasing a condo, you must, without fail, review carefully the legal documents of the coveted building. This tedious exercise will allow you to find out problematic areas or potential deficiencies, which may cause you to review your decision to purchase.
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Neighbourhood annoyances are the main source of conflicts between co-owners.
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