Definition : Québec real estate brokerage self-regulating organisation (Organisme d’autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec)

Legal person with mission  to protect the public in real estate and mortgage brokerage dealings by enforcing rules of professional conduct and by inspecting the affairs of brokers and agencies. It is to ensure, among other things, that the transactions engaged in by brokers and agencies are compliant with the Real-Estate Brokerage Act.

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  It is not compulsory to retain the services of a real-estate broker (real-estate agent). This being said, unless you are capable of handling on your own the purchase or the sale of a condo, and investing a lot of your time and efforts and possess specific knowledge in relevant fields, it is in your best interest to be assisted by a competent real-estate broker.
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Since May 1st, 2010, hypothecary brokerage is regulated and governed by the Real-Estate Brokerage Act, to ensure the protection of the public. Any hypothecary broker must maintain professional civil liability insurance, and abide by its code of ethics.
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