Definition : Real estate broker

A professional authorized by “l’Organisme d’autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec"  (OACIQ) - the Québec Real Estate Brokerage Self-Regulating Body - to act personally as an intermediary for the purchase, sale, exchange or leasing of real estate property. He can act on his own account or for a real estate agency. He holds a permit issued by the OACIQ, the real estate and hypothecary brokerage authority in Québec. This body’s primary mission is to protect and assist the public by overseeing sound practices on the part of real estate and hypothecary brokers whose activities are governed by the Real-Estate Brokerage Act.

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  It is not compulsory to retain the services of a real-estate broker (real-estate agent). This being said, unless you are capable of handling on your own the purchase or the sale of a condo, and investing a lot of your time and efforts and possess specific knowledge in relevant fields, it is in your best interest to be assisted by a competent real-estate broker.
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To allow you to know exactly what you are purchasing, your vendor must act in good faith at all times. In this regard, Article 1375 of the Civil Code of Quebec imposes a true moral code to the parties. It provides that: “The parties shall conduct themselves in good faith both at the time the obligation arises and at the time it is performed or extinguished.”
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