Definition : Request for information to the syndicate of co-ownership (DRCOP)

A standard form of the “Organisme d’autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec” (Québec Real-Estate Brokerage Self-Governing Agency) recommends that it be remitted by the real-estate brokers  to a syndicate of co-owners to obtain information on the immovable and its administration. This form must be signed by the owner-vendor and by a duly authorized representative of the board of directors.

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  It is not compulsory to retain the services of a real-estate broker (real-estate agent). This being said, unless you are capable of handling on your own the purchase or the sale of a condo, and investing a lot of your time and efforts and possess specific knowledge in relevant fields, it is in your best interest to be assisted by a competent real-estate broker.
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Managing a co-ownership requires accounting and financial skills. If the manager masters them, he will be able, under the supervision of the board of directors, to play a crucial role in the proper operation of the immovable. For instance, he will know how to balance budgets and manage efficiently the funds of the co-ownership such as monitoring contracts with various service providers, the payroll (salary of the janitor) and the work to be done in the short, medium and long term. A review of the various financial tasks that could be entrusted to the co-ownership manager.
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There is an administrative component in co-ownership Management that should not be neglected; its proper implementation will ensure the smooth operation of the syndicate of co-owners. The contractual agreement between the latter and the manager, may stipulate that various assignments – all equally important - allocated to the manager. If many cases, his duties will be numerous and will require not only thorough knowledge of the declaration of co-ownership, but also reasonable knowledge of the legislative framework governing this collective housing mode. A review of the range of duties that can be entrusted to co-ownership managers.
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  I want to buy a condo, but I am aware that for the most part the documents necessary for an informed purchase are in the register of the co-ownership.  Question: How can I access the register of the co-ownership? Is it for me or the seller to ask? If I have to take care of it, can I do it alone or do I need a third person to accompany me through this process?
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