Definition : Meeting of co-owners - Vice-president of the meeting

Meeting officer generally elected by the general meeting of the co-owners, whose mission is to preside the meeting, in lieu and stead of the president of the meeting, more particularly in the case of the impossibility to act of the latter, for example, if he is absent, wants to express its opinion on a point being debated or if he is in a conflict of interest in relation with a decision under advisement.

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The appointment of general meeting officers is a necessity for holding any general meeting of co-owners. The range of titles and offices of general meeting officers is diversified: president, vice-president, meeting secretary, and possibly scrutineer. Like any other person, general meeting officers may engage their personal liability if they do not observe a duty of care and diligence in the performance of their duties. They are - whether remunerated or not- therefore exposed to legal proceedings in the event of a breach of their obligations. Depending on the circumstances, this could be the case, for example, if the president of the meeting takes a wrongful decision during the course of the meeting, and that his decision causes a prejudice to one or more co-owners.  
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The General Meeting of the co-owners is one of the two decision-making bodies of the syndicate.  You should be aware that co-ownership life implies that the co-owners or their representatives meet, occasionally, to discuss and vote upon important decisions. This occurs at General Meetings of the co-owners, which is the prime democratic body in the co-ownership. Their conduct obeys certain rules of form and content. An overview of the various specific aspects of  General Meetings of the co-owners.    
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Our last annual general meeting of the co-owners was opened and held by our directors. The trouble is that we do not know how to conduct an assembly. Question: Is a President of the meeting required? Do non-directors have to make notes? And who draws up the minutes?
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The appointment of meeting officers is necessary for holding any co-owners meeting. The latter are usually elected at the outset of the meeting, by a separate vote taken by the majority of the votes of the owners present or represented.
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