Definition : Work - Emergency work

Work which needs to be carried out in the very short term to ensure the conservation of the immovable, the safety of its occupants or the compliance with public authority requirements (such as the Régie du bâtiment du Québec or a municipality).

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  All co-owners should supply a duplicate of the keys to their apartment to the directors of the co-ownership. The law is silent on this issue, but most declarations of co-ownership have a provision that imposes this rule upon co-owners, tenants or any other occupant of the immovable. These keys must be given to a representative of the board of directors or to the condo manager.    
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The syndicate has the legal obligation to safeguard the immovable, concerning work in common and private portions. Such work includes minor or major repairs, and urgent interventions, when the conservation of the built-up patrimony is affected by a fortuitous event. In such occurrences, article 1066 of the Civil Code of Québec provides that no co-owner may interfere with carrying out, even inside his private portion work required for the preservation and which is necessary to maintain the immovable in a good state of repairs.
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