Definition : Work - Work for the enlargement of common portions

Work that results in an increase in the dimensions (such as the area, volume, etc.) of a common portion. This is the case, for example, with the enlargement of a staircase of the immovable to comply with safety standards requiring a reduction in the dimensions of the adjacent privative portions. This work must:

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Lorsqu’il convient de procéder à des travaux touchant aux parties communes, c’est le syndicat qui en décide. De plus il est, en principe, le seul habilité à faire réaliser les travaux portant sur les parties communes.
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The resolutions of the General Meeting of the co-owners are adopted or rejected, as the case may be, if a majority is reached or not. Depending on the repercussions such resolutions may have on the co-ownership, the majority required will be more or less difficult to achieve. The General Meeting of the co-owners adjudicates at two different majority levels: absolute majority and double majorities (enhanced majorities).
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