Mandatory training for condo directors

September 29, 2017 - recently announced that the Ontario government established a condominium authority, (Condominium Authority of Ontario -CAO). Among the new measures adopted, it will impose mandatory training for co-ownership directors under the Protecting Condominium Owners Act.

Over the next two months, the CAO will be proposing four director training on-line pilot projects, divided into four components:


  •  The Fundamentals of Condominium Living;
  • The Legal Framework Governing Condominiums;
  • The Role of Directors and Their Key Responsibilities;
  • Effective Leadership: Creating Strong Condominium Communities.

CAO will solicit participant’s input to determine the relevancy of the modules offered. They will also want to find out if the access protocol, as well as the wording used are easy to understand. Since these are pilot projects, participants in the modules will not be considered as having completed the mandatory training. Training details have not yet been disclosed. They will eventually be made available on the CAO web portal.

Montreal, September 28, 2017  Provided by: Lash / Condo Law