The Condolegal team - Lawyer and Quebec notaries

JolicoeurOur mission is to inform Quebeckers of their rights and obligations regarding co-ownership. However, we cannot give advice or an opinion regarding any particular case. If you need such legal advice, we invite you to consult the team of professionnels of DE GRANDPRÉ JOLI-CŒUR S.E.N.C.R.L. This team, comprising notaries and lawyers specialized in co-ownership, is headed by Louis Dumont, notary and Yves Joli-Cœur, lawyer emeritus.

View more exists thanks to the investment in time and the skills of a team of dynamic lawyers and experts in Québec co-ownership law. 

They are the ones doing their utmost to inform you through - factsheets, the latest news, videos and questions / answers - of the environment and legal issues of co-ownership life  in  the various sections of the site: Purchase, Management, Work, and of course Your rights.

They are also the ones who will answer directly your questions if the information provided by is not sufficient for your purpose.




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Furthermore would not exist without the time spent, the efforts   and the expertise of a team of seasoned Quebec co-ownership law notaries.

The notaries are also very much involved in drafting and preparing : factsheets, the latest news, videos and questions / answers. The issues and legal problems related, without limitation, to purchases and the declarations of co-ownership are significant.

Finally, the notaries will, jointly with lawyers, answer your questions directly if the information proposed by is not sufficient for your purpose.

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