Deed of sale

The final step in the purchase of your apartment is the signing of the deed of sale. As soon as all the prior conditions of the sale are satisfied, the vendor must transfer the property upon the payment of the price.

Before signing the deed of sale, the notary will proceed carefully to many verifications in which the vendor, the real-estate broker and the syndicate of co-ownership will need to be involved. Furthermore, he must ensure, prior to the closing that you have at your disposal the necessary funds, generally your deposit and the amount granted by your hypothecary creditor. Taking into account all that needs to be done, the closing often occurs after many months of formalities. This is required as the deed of sale is the legal basis of your investment.

The essential declarations

The notary must draft the deed of sale with the objective of respecting both the rights of the vendor and those of the purchaser, and observing the provisions of the offer to purchase or the preliminary contract. On the day of the closing, he must read the entire content of the deed to both parties. You will find hereunder the clauses and essential conditions for the safeguard of your rights that the notary must insert or refer to in the deed of sale :


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