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CondoLegal allows advertisers prime time exposure in the field of ​​co-ownership in Quebec.

With our six thematic sections, your advertisement will benefit from very focused exposure, a benefit offered by very few sites .

If at first  our public appears  varied (condo buyers, agents and real estate  brokers, co-owners, directors, managers, developers, experts, etc.), each thematic section accommodates specific categories of web users: prospective condo buyers in Purchase, directors  in Syndicate, building managers in Management, and, co-owners and syndicates in Your rights. The Insurance and Work sections, accommodate, meanwhile, neophytes and experts from all backgrounds seeking accurate and comprehensive information on co-ownership. This allows accurate targeting based on the subject of interest of web users.

INCREASED VISIBILITY provides a main homepage section and 6 other homepages for its thematic sections, each of these pages leading to several sections in turn leading to a minimum of 10 featured articles: there are more than 400 pages accessible to the web user in 3 clicks or less.

CondoLegal‘s attendance increases daily on account of its new identity and ever more comprehensive content. Documents relating to website statistics (via Google Analytics) can be requested by any potential advertiser.

• A DYNAMIC SITE is not a static site. Each month, we add to the already large content:

>> Latest news;

>> New articles from our columnists;

>> New questions / answers, factsheets and videos.



Nothing easier! Consult our advertising guide to discover placement opportunities and our price list. Different formats are offered, from banners to a basic text links embedded in a square format.

For any information or questions, please contact us at the following address: [email protected]

We will be happy to discuss with you the offer that best suits your needs.




You have a website and your activity is related to co- ownership, real estate and condo lifestyle?



We can authorize you to use the logo "" to suggest to your web users that you recommend the content and information on our website.

 All you need to do is to contact us at [email protected], giving us the name of your website and we will send you the free authorization to use the logo and the image file.



For more details on the financial framework for such a provision of services

Contact Hélène Joli-Coeur, paralegal

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 1.855.633.6326


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