Definition : Authentic act

Act to which the law grants a particular value in that it makes proof, against all persons, of the juridical act that it records and of the declarations of the parties directly related thereto. It may consist of, without limitation, the act received by a notary in accordance with the formalities provided for by law. Certains acts, to be valid, must be drawn up in an authentic act received before a notary. This is the case for the declaration of co-ownership.

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The declaration of co-ownership includes the set of rules ensuring the efficient organization of a co-ownership. Its knowledge by the members of the board of directors and by each co-owner is essential to the proper operation of the co-ownership. This co-owners reference document is consulted, for example, in the case of work. For a promisor-buyer, the declaration of co-ownership contains a wealth of useful information regarding the conditions of use and enjoyment of the private and common portions. Hence the necessity of reading this document before buying, to avoid unpleasant surprises, especially as to the use one intends to make of his private portion.
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The declaration of co-ownership is the deed containing all the organizational rules of a co-ownership. This document also provides conditions of use and enjoyment of the common and private portions. Life in a co-ownership surmises that changes will become compulsory on account of changing living habits, temperaments, the era and technological advances. Thus the declaration of co-ownership is evolutionary. It can be amended by the co-owners, provided they abide to the relevant formalities of the Law.  
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