Definition : Bare ownership - Bare owner

The owner of property upon which another person holds a usufruct. The voting right attached to a fraction of co-ownership belongs to the usufructuary. However, the bare owner may exercise such voting rights when the object of the vote is modifying the substance of the property held in co-ownership, changing its destination or terminating the syndicate of co-owners. This allocation of voting rights is not opposable to the syndicate; it is to be discussed only between the usufructuary and the bare owner.

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    The right to vote is a founding principle of democracy. Citizens of a democracy   can express their will in a ballot.  In principle, this right is equal amongst all voters. Practically speaking, it is equivalent to the «one person, one vote" rule, which means that every vote   has the same weight. However, co-ownership derogates from this principle, namely in that the number of votes held by the co- owners is in direct correlation with their rights of ownership in the immovable. An overview of the various aspects of voting in General Meetings of co-owners.          
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