Definition : Board of directors - Agenda

A document, joined to the notice of meeting, outlining the items that will be discussed and the resolutions that will be voted during the meeting of the Board of Directors.

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Decisions taken by directors must be recorded and recorded in the minutes. This document is essential for a co-ownership, because it ensures the written preservation of the deliberations of the board of directors, as well as that of  the result of each vote, so that any co-owner and director can refer to it over time. It also shows that the meeting of the board of directors was held properly. As such, it must be as detailed and clear as possible, without repeating everything that was said at the meeting. Personal assessments and quotations should not appear in the minutes of the Board of Directors. In view of its importance, this document must respect a certain formalism.  
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A meeting of the board of directors can hardly take place without an agenda. In order to deliberate, the directors must be made aware, before the meeting, of the questions on the agenda. This is why it must be attached to the notice of meeting, usually prepared by the president of the board of directors. It contains all the questions that will be submitted to the deliberations of the meeting. This document must be specific and unequivocal in order to ensure the smooth conduct of the meeting.
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