Definition : Board of directors - Management by-law

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Question: The board of directors wishes to vote on a by-law to limit the number of swimmers at the pool and to prohibit the presence of dogs in the building. Could we implement it immediately? It goes without saying that this by-law will be voted on at our next annual meeting of co-owners.
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It is to the board of directors as a whole, as a decision-making body, that the Civil code of Quebec confers the power to administer the affairs of the syndicate. Individual directors do not have any powers unless they have been specially authorized to do so. All decisions concerning the syndicate, the co-ownership or the immovable which is not under the jurisdiction of the meeting of co-owners, are the competence of the board of directors. Its main role is to ensure the preservation of the immovable. As a general rule, it is the decision-making body that ensures the maintenance of its common portions. If necessary, it must undertake the necessary work to ensure its sustainability.
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