Definition : Board of directors - Vice-president

Natural person appointed by the Board of directors. Even though he does not have more decisional powers than the other directors, one of the tasks of the vice-president is to take charge of the board of directors when the president cannot exercise it.

WARNING ! One must not be confused between the offices of vice-president of the meeting  and of vice-president of the Board of Directors. They are two different offices.

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The Board of Directors (the Board) is made up of members called directors. Their appointment is subject to certain formalities. In this regard, article 1084 of the Civil Code of Québec provides that the composition of the Board of the syndicate, the method of appointment, replacement or remuneration of the directors, as well as the other terms and conditions of their office, are fixed by the by-laws of an immovable. Each director acts as a mandatary of the syndicate of co-owners. This person must comply with the obligations imposed on him by law and the constituting act of co-ownership and act within the limits of the powers conferred on him. A director sits on the syndicate's board of directors.   
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